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Precision Installs
Precision Installs
Precision Installs

Precision Installs Project 1

Precision Installs were the Gold Award Winner for Best Safety Barrier in the 2020 SPASA VIC Awards of Excellence for its outstanding stick fence design.

This innovative pool fence was designed to both blend with and enhance the overall aesthetic of the outdoor area. The organic form, spherical rods, lack of horizontal structures and selection of the Electro Dark Bronze colour – inspired by Citing Architecture – coalesce with the natural elements of garden to meet the clients’ brief and artistic vision. Fabrication using stainless steel and generous diameter verticals ensured a structural integrity to meet all pool barrier safety requirements.

Visit the Precision Installs website or give the team a call today to discuss their range of safe and inventive pool fencing solutions.

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37 South Pools

Unit 2, 44 Watt Road
Tel: 1300 242 567
Email: sales@precisioninstalls.com.au 
Website: www.precisioninstalls.com.au