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Remco Australia Product

The latest swim jet system from Remco Australia has the power to transform any pool. The SwimJet is perfect for creating a pool that caters for family fun, athletes in training or remedial use. Designed for easy installation, it has filled a gap in the market for a swim jet system that is energy efficient without sacrificing power. The SwimJet is also an ideal solution where size and space are concerned, allowing pool builders and architects to maximise the functionality of a compact area.

The SwimJet is sleekly designed for functionality and style to fit comfortably on the inside of the pool wall. Unlike other jet systems, the SwimJet is installed in a cavity with a removable cover plate, making maintenance and cleaning easy and efficient. In addition, the SwimJet is designed for hassle-free installation, with no pumps or plumbing required.

The SwimJet operates with an impeller system to create a powerful bubble-free current. With a range of seven speeds operated through a remote control system, the SwimJet can be used for a diverse range of activities, from an intense athletic workout to a gentle remedial massage.

The seven speed settings of the SwimJet system makes it ideal for all types of swimmers. Using a high-performance speed and controlled current flow, athletes are able to challenge themselves in the water, giving them a calorie burning workout, improved muscle strength and advanced swim training. For those seeking therapeutic exercises or recovering from injury, the SwimJet provides a relaxing massage, facilitates low-impact exercise and enhances aquatic rehabilitation.

For outdoor areas lacking in space, the SwimJet provides an ideal aquatic playground for growing families. Kids are able to play safely, become stronger swimmers and most importantly, have fun in the pool.

Remco Australia’s SwimJet won the 2012 SPASA Product Innovation Award due to its durability, flexibility and energy- efficient qualities that use 60 per cent less energy than other pump-based systems on the market. The revolutionary system is the perfect addition to your pool, providing hours of entertainment for the whole family.


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