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Seaspray Pools Project 3

Designed to be a feature from the kitchen and living areas of the home, this pool and spa combination has multiple unique features. Elevated to the higher level of the backyard, this project took place on the old retaining wall, which was used to separate the split levels at the property. This created a visual feature – rather than the old retaining walls, which were visible from most of the home.

A centre depth design with symmetric ledging and steps at either end allows a comfortable entry from either the home entrance or the seating area. Light blue 23-millimetre blended tiles were selected for the interior to provide a warm and inviting perspective – regardless of weather or season. The spa was designed to be segregated from the swimming pool, being an overflow feature as water runs over the tiled spillway. It includes eight venturi spa jets that are loped, ensuring even and consistent heat distribution throughout all seating areas within the spa, working hand-in-hand with the in-floor grid that evenly supplies bubbles through a blower system.

As the clients enjoy spending as much time in the backyard as possible, the features of this pool were designed to enhance their outdoor lifestyle. Multiple heating sources (electronic and gas) were installed with the addition of a Sunbather Downunder cover, allowing the clients to extend their swimming season while creating an energy and chemical effective and efficient pool. A Cooke in-floor cleaning system was installed throughout the project allowing for all debris and dusts to be collected, while also allowing a more effective spread of heated and chemically treated water throughout all zones in the swimming pool and spa. Automation linked to the clients’ phones and house automation was installed allowing the clients to operate and monitor their project from anywhere. Multiple multicoloured LED lights were installed to ensure effective illumination throughout the pool and spa, creating a night-time feature while highlighting depths and internal ledging and steps for safety.

This pool and spa project is situated in the heart of Glen Iris at the rear of an established home. As the access to the rear of the property was non-existent, construction of this project took place using smaller machines and access through a rear laneway, which raised cleaning, permit and crowd control issues. This was overcome through protection works, including covering and boarding the external laneway, and temporary barriers/hoarding were also erected to protect and segregate the public.

Originally, the backyard was one raised level with a retaining wall that was around two metres from the home to separate the grassy area above. To minimise mess, additional machinery was required following the pool excavation to cut the entire backyard area to the pool height, as well as a lower excavation for the future basketball court situated next to the pool. This resulted in over 25 truckloads of soil being removed via a 1.3 metre opening and ferried almost 70 metres to removal trucks.

This project has transformed what would have been an unused space into an oasis for the homeowners to use for relaxation, entertainment, and a feature to the home no matter the time of year.


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