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Swim Pools Co. Project 2

This beautiful pool is brought to you by the talented team at Swim Pools Co. Designed by Tugendhaft Architects, the company worked in close collaboration with the homeowners and the architects to adhere to the client’s brief for a pool that will provide endless hours of family fun and entertainment.

Exceeding these requirements, Swim Pools Co. installed a theme-park-sized water slide, which is accessible through the beach cabana and is perfect for thrill seekers. The pool’s generous size and raised spa allow it to double in function as a playground and area of relaxation so that it appeals to the whole family.

The pool is cleverly positioned against the property’s rear boundary, allowing for it to be a generous size while also separating the swimming pool from the home and entertaining area. A beach cabana services the pool, allowing those to escape the fierce Australian sun and unwind in the shade.

Demonstrating its exceptional knowledge of pool design and construction, Swim Pools Co. had to overcome several challenges when installing this backyard oasis. The property had an outdated pool in place that needed to be removed and its foundations were below the ground water table, making the excavation process a challenge – a shocking revelation given the polished result visible today.


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