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Tuckerman Landscaping Project 1

This uniquely beautiful Asian-inspired garden, featuring a yin and yang design, showcases Tuckerman Landscaping’s attention to detail and ability to innovate and adapt to client’s requests. The stunning yin and yang feature paving was carefully put together by the team using high-quality black and white granite to perfectly balance cohesion and contrast.

Each colour is bordered by 100mm strips of lush greenery, planted by Lee-Anne Night who carefully selected the perfect flora to create a vivid and luscious green space.

This garden links with the entertainment area of the house to create an aesthetic and harmonious environment that blends delicately with the home. The greenery and elegant design connect the inhabitants with nature and allows them to relax and unwind surrounded by the ambience of the outdoors.

Ample lighting allows this space to be enjoyed at all hours of the day, and the and the complementary weathered steel screening offers additional shelter from the elements. Wistow walling and bluestone accents further enhance the rustic beauty if this garden, providing a welcoming outdoor area in which one can feel both at home and connected with the natural world.

Tuckerman Landscaping provides a reliable service, specialising in all aspects of landscaping construction with picturesque results. Offering both hard and soft landscaping, the company’s diverse array of services includes concrete and tiling, stonework and drystone walls, steel works, timber decking, water features and irrigation, planting concepts and garden lighting.

As a member of the Master Builders Association and the Victorian Building Commission the company has established a trustworthy reputation for itself across metropolitan Melbourne and strives to deliver the best results using sustainable and high-quality materials that showcase the true potential of your home.

Tuckerman Landscaping takes your needs seriously and will work closely with you to ensure that both you and the planet love the finished result. To create your perfect garden, contact the expert team at Tuckerman Landscaping and make your landscaping dreams into a reality.


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