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Whyte Gardens Project 1

Andrew Whyte Landscape Design has designed an outdoor area for family pool enjoyment and relaxed entertaining. The company has made the most of the small space with plants and structures that are both practical and visually appealing.

Superior-quality Australian stone supplied by Gosford Quarries and a rustic cypress pergola give the area a classic, sophisticated appearance. Small pendants lights hang from the pergola, complementing the warm colour of the timber. Plants have been kept subtle to soften the edges of the yard and harmonise with the colours of the design.

Stone from Gosford Quarries has also been incorporated into the pool feature wall. Using the same material in different sizes and textures has created an interesting, yet unified area.

Andrew Whyte Landscape Design has installed a point of interest with three rust screens. The screens are visible from within the home and feature lighting illuminates each screen from beneath.

Clever use of space by Andrew Whyte Landscape Design has met the owners’ requirements for an open-plan area than can be used for both pool activity and relaxation.

Andrew Whyte Landscape Design caters for the discerning client who values quality and a flair for design. The company was started 20 years ago by Andrew Whyte, who saw the need for practical, simple-to-maintain gardens.

Working throughout Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, the company builds about 30 projects a year.

Andrew Whyte Landscape Design has a reputation for creative design and takes pride in its construction. The company designs all projects with a pragmatic approach with the intention that they will be enjoyed for decades to come.

The team at Andrew Whyte Landscape Design knows the right questions to ask to understand each client’s unique ideas and requirements.

Andrew Whyte Landscape Design aims to create beautiful outdoor living areas that blend harmoniously with your existing architecture, allowing your garden to become a complementary and functional part of your home and life.


Whyte Gardens

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