The Pool Place Project 6

Tying wonderfully in with the elevated alfresco area, this lavish pool maximises entertainment potential of the outdoor space.

The Pool Place Project 5

In this large-scale project for the Deep Blue Hotel & Hot Springs Warrnambool, The Pool Place constructed a range
of customised hot spring rock pools, paying special attention to extra additions such as intricate water features,
beautiful rock structures and lush landscaping.

The Pool Place Project 4

Home | ProjectPage 3 The Pool Place Project 4 This impressive lap pool and spa combination by The Pool Place is a grand addition to the clients’ home. Feature stone steps define the spa zone and create a luxurious entrance to the pool. A modern glass fence...

The Pool Place Project 3

Home | Archive for "The Pool Place Projects" This amazing pool and spa combination was constructed by The Pool Place. To mirror the grandeur of the home, the 10m x 10m pool includes an abundance of extravagant features, such as a raised heated spa. Designed...

The Pool Place Project 2

Home | Archive for "The Pool Place Projects" Working in the front yard of this Melbourne home, The Pool Place was faced with a challenge. How could it create an open, luxurious space that is also private and secluded? Working in conjunction with The Pool...