Protector Aluminium

Protector Aluminium provides premium pool and outdoor fencing, priding themselves on a diverse range and quality workmanship. Separating them from the crowd, they provide the safest product in the industry, with a ‘6 Point Weld’ that surpasses the market average of four welds.

Protector Aluminium is now offering a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on all ‘6 Point Weld’ products, which ensures durability and excellence. The enormous range of colours and styles at Protector Aluminium means they have something to suit every taste.

Whether you require fencing to section off your home, garden or pool area, Protector Aluminium can provide you with the right product to suit the surrounding décor. The benefits of aluminium mean their fences are extremely lightweight and easy to install, making it the perfect ‘DIY product’.

Their extensive range of fencing is constantly undergoing review to keep up with changing styles. In addition to specialising in the manufacturing of aluminium and glass pool fencing, Protector Aluminium also manufacture security gates, privacy screens, louvre screens and large sliding and swing gates.

In addition, Protector Aluminium is the only pool fencing company endorsed by Laurie Lawrence and Kids Alive Do the Five. Laurie Lawrence created the Kids Alive Do the Five water safety program in 1988 to combat drowning, and since 2009 Laurie and Protector Aluminium have formed a strong partnership.

Backed by 15 years of experience, the company has grown from a local Sunshine Coast business into an international success story, servicing all states and territories in Australia as well as New Zealand. They are also undergoing research into other areas of the world and hope to one day offer their products to international markets.

Protector Aluminium was established in 1995 by Darryl Cardell, after the pool safety laws were introduced in Australia.

As a wholesaler they are now currently the largest suppliers to retailers in Australia and New Zealand.

Continuing to produce, test, fine-tune and re-test their products, Protector Aluminium are dedicated to ensuring they remain industry leaders and provide you with the best fencing solution on the market.