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Pushing The Boundaries

There’s no question that, above everything else, pool fencing must be safe. Protecting yourself and your little ones is always the goal when having a pool fence installed. But after the biggest box is ticked, there’s no reason you can’t get a little creative with the other details – from the design, to the materials and execution. Here, Kirrily Ireland chats with Clint Feehan, owner of Precision Installs, to discuss the many unique pool fencing options available to those wanting something a little different.

After all the precious time and careful budgeting dedicated to your home’s new shining glory – a pool that you can jump in whenever your heart desires – you’ll want to make sure that you complement it with a streamlined fence that adds to the style without drawing too much attention away from the main attraction. Melbourne Pool + Outdoor Design Magazine explores the different options to help you find a fence that makes your pool standout even more.

No Swimming Without Safety

Pool safety should be taken into consideration from the very start of your initial plans. Feehan agrees, “Our biggest tip is to make yourself familiar with the pool fence compliance requirements before designing your outdoor area.” Much of the safety will come from the fence alone – including the barrier itself, the gate and latch system, and the person who installs it all. Without a compliant pool fence, you won’t just be at risk of breaching the law; you’ll also be risking the lives of children, particularly those under the age of five who aren’t capable of swimming without supervision yet.

Whether you have a few little tykes yourself, friends planning on visiting with their small children, or even neighbours with kids who might find a way into your backyard, a duty of care falls on you to ensure that they are safe.

According to the Victorian Building Authority, the current law states that any pool or spa that can hold a depth greater than 30 centimetres must have a proper fence, applying to both in-ground and above-ground pools and spas, larger inflatable and relocatable pools, and even indoor pools and spas. Whatever your barrier is, it must also have a 

Precision Installs

self-latching and self-closing gate, removing the possibility of anyone leaving the gate open in a moment of absentmindedness.

Only a registered builder qualified in the proper area, or an owner-builder with the required permit, can install a pool barrier in order to ensure that it is fully compliant. Luckily, with companies like Precision Installs, this part will come easy. “The Precision staff have a passion for design, and ensuring the client’s vision is met on every project is the goal,” Feehan affirms. “The experienced crew ensure all aspects of the project are covered.”

Precision Installs

The Best De-fence Is A Good Of-fence

Like a gaudy orange life vest, bulky cycling helmet or even the now all-too-familiar face mask, sometimes the equipment or facilities that are necessary to keep us safe aren’t always appealing to the eye. However, such does not have to be true for your lavish pool and its required fencing. Pool fencing specialists have tapped into designs that are classy, streamlined and reflect the rest of your outdoor design, so you don’t have to border your aquatic oasis with likes of your local recreation centre’s aluminium fence – although, when executed by the right person, even this can look fantastic. Feehan explains that “each project has different design requirements. Hence the finished look can vary.” There’s no one-size-fits-all application for pool fencing since pools comes in so many different shapes and sizes.

Possibly the most popular pool barrier choice of today is the glass fence, particularly a frameless one that seamlessly blends into the landscaping. “Twelve-millimetre glass is used for pool fencing to 

create an inviting environment,” Feehan says. “The glass can be installed into a channel, with spigots, or be face-mounted.” Oozing class and sophistication in a subtle way, and offering more flexibility than one might initially realise – with the ability to curve around rounded pool edges – it’s no wonder why glass fencing has been such a hit, and possibly the choice for you.

If your mind is set on something that goes outside the box – the glass box, that is – then Feehan explains that, “The latest trend is vertical upright sticks.” Vertical pool fences involve individual posts or slats installed into a base or the ground closely together to form a semi-private screen. This option can come in a variety of style and material options, from metals to timbers, plus it “is easy to clean and also attractive”. With each post separately placed, the flexibility is just as good as a glass fence, if not greater, offering a contemporary look that works perfectly with a range of pool shapes.

Aluminium fencing has been a go-to for quite a while now, a tried-and-true method of barricading a pool and maintaining its safety. “Standard aluminium fencing is budget-effective and also available in a variety of colours.” Feehan says. The right vision and professional installation are all it takes to make this more common of pool fences exciting and modern.

Precision Installs

The expert assures readers, “If you have seen a different style of fence, our professional team can custom fabricate to help your vision become a reality.” Safety and style come hand-in-hand in this ever-innovative era. A bit of research and brainstorming with a professional pool fencer will lead you to the perfect barrier for your beloved pool.

Images Courtesy of Precision Installs