A pool that is vibrant and inviting is the result of a good quality, long-lasting pool interior.

Market leader Quartzon has mastered the art of producing brilliant pool renders, boasting astounding sparkle and colour that is chemically fired-on in the company’s Australian factory – not painted or dyed by your installer.

Quartzon has been designed by Australian pool lovers to provide the ultimate interior finish. Made from a high-density mix of quartz, fine sands and UV-resistant stone particles, highlighted by a reflective aggregate called ‘Starfleck’, Quartzon interiors provide a stunning sparkle aesthetic that reflects both the sun and moon light. Additionally, an advanced ceramic coating will make your Quartzon pool durable and super easy to clean.

These unique and high-quality properties combine perfectly to give Quartzon pools an amazingly smooth and radiant interior finish.

Quartzon is an Australian-owned company and an Australian-manufactured product that has been used on more than 35,000 pools since 1995. With general maintenance, after 16 years of use, your pool will require no draining, acid washing or pressure cleaning, because Quartzon pools are guaranteed to stay as gorgeous, reflective and stylish as when brand new.

Choose your look from nine award-winning interior colour options to create the perfect resort for your family and friends to enjoy and admire for many years to come.