SAI Sandstone – SPASA Awards 2018

SAI Sandstone

Best In Situ Paving Or Stone Product

SAI Sandstone was awarded Gold for Best In Situ Paving Or Stone Product.

SAI Sandstone/Grace Stone:

“This is a very unique custom processed-stone pool coping and paving job for a curved Narellan Pools fibreglass swimming pool and spa combination. The main challenges we faced on this job were the result of the curved shape of the pool. When consulting with our client we gave them two options: one, straight pool coping cut into shape around the pool by their landscaper – which would be a time consuming job requiring significantly more stone to fit around the edges – or two, hand-carved coping with a sandblasted pencil-round edge based on CAD drawings and templates provided by Narellan Pools.

“We ended up going for the special hand-carved option using our ‘Frozen Blue’ marble coping in drop-face format and a sandblasted finish. Once we received the templates our factory was able to start selecting the stone blocks to use. Once the blocks were approved we laid each template out on the ground to start processing. Every piece was assembled in the factory replicating the exact pool to make sure the curved edges were processed correctly and with the same thickness all round.

“Once each piece was hand-carved it then went on to another part of the factory for sandblasting. Sandblasting is tricky because it involves a large amount of sand and water going through a highpressure gun smashing into the stone face, as well as all the curved pencil-round coping edges. Depending on the porosity of the stone this can cause it to break or chip. From selecting the block, to the hand-curving and the sandblasting, this process can take up to three hours.

“When dealing with a fibreglass pool with a complex curved shape, every single piece of coping needs to be traced and hand-carved. As the ‘Frozen Blue’ pavers come from overseas and have a sandblasted finish that cannot be replicated in Australia, there is no room for error. To achieve the best design effect for this project, every single piece needed to be 100 per cent spot on.

“As the customer was willing to spend good money to achieve the optimum result, we made sure to give our factory plenty of time to process the coping. This project took eight weeks from start to finish, and the customer was exceptionally happy with the end result. With such a difficult project finished, this makes future custom curved pool coping jobs much easier for us to complete.”