Smartech Door Systems

Enabling open-plan living by creating contemporary glass doors and tilt window systems is Smartech Door Systems’ speciality, and their new innovative design allows a seamless link between outdoor and indoor spaces.

The new aluminium-framed Glide-Away Folding Door allows an inviting space to be created away from the elements. Outdoor living spaces can be easily expanded, as their doors can be cleanly folded up, making it elegant and functional at the same time. The motorised door was also designed to incorporate wind-out windows to allow air flow.

The owners of the featured property wanted their pool pavilion to have a tranquil space but also provide a functional entertainment area. Smartech Door Systems installed their Glide-Away Folding Door to the pavilion, and the door folds back to reveal a carefully designed interior, with modern facilities such as heating and cooling and a bathroom, as well as a flat screen TV which is visible from the swimming pool and paved area.

The folding door links the pavilion with the overall outdoor space, creating a seamless indoor and outdoor area – perfect for entertaining! Project designer Georgina Livadaras from Design by G wanted to create a continuous flow from both inside and outside the residence, and the folding door helps to achieve this, whilst keeping with the overall design of the outdoor space.

Smartech Door Systems work with architects and designers from around the country on all kinds of projects, from houses to commercial projects, Australia-wide. Anthony Cassar began Smartech Door Systems, with the intention to create innovative new products that would improve lifestyles, and they have a range of smart products.