Solartherm International

Solartherm’s ground-breaking solar heating systems are not only energy efficient and cost effective, but their design provides more advantages than other solar pool heating solutions on the market.

On the roof featured here, Solartherm replaced a traditional solar matting pool system with their panels. By looking at the before and after image, you notice the dramatic reduction in the amount of roof space needed to accommodate the Solartherm system.

Solartherm are finding that many of their clients are looking to install Photovoltaic solar panels to minimise their electricity bills with the rising costs of energy. You will generally be advised to remove your current solar matting system to make space for the PV system.

The Solartherm enclosed panel system requires only 30 to 40 per cent of the roof space previously taken up by the traditional system, meaning you can still continue to enjoy the benefits of solar pool heating as well as the financial benefits from installing your PV system. Not only does this benefit you, it benefits our environment.