Supreme Heating – SPASA Awards 2017

Sustainability Award

Supreme Heating was awarded Highly Commended for the SPASA Sustainability Award.

Supreme Heating:

“Heatseeker UniPanel® is the culmination of more than two years of collaborative work, research and development. Market drivers – such as Mother Nature, sustainability, performance efficiency, consumer taste and expectations, and housing design, as well as associated obstacles such as solar-photovoltaic electricity panels and [reduced] roof space – added to the need to develop Heatseeker UniPanel®.

“Our design brief was simple and concise. [We were to design] a rigid solar pool-heating panel that – first and foremost – efficiently heated the pool. It had to be manufactured to suit all applications in one unique, compact design, and be able to withstand harsh impact of Mother Nature.

“All in all, it’s a product that provides a long-term, sustainable pool-heating solution. It is my opinion that Heatseeker UniPanel® shows innovation in its unique and versatile design, which provides an alternative option to traditional roof-mounted systems.”