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Sweet, Steamy and Suburban

True luxury comes in all shapes and sizes, so you need not feel that a small yard space will prevent you from enjoying your very own spa and sauna. Jess Rigby sits down with Richard Burton of HydraSpa and Anna Millers of Heavenly Saunas Australia to discuss the ways in which you can transform your smaller yard space into a luxurious relaxational oasis to enjoy throughout the year. These innovative companies believe that everyone deserves a space to sit back and take the weight off their feet, and that this luxury need not be one that we enjoy only on special occasions. Having a luxurious spa or sauna at home is surprisingly affordable and easy to achieve, and it may infinitely improve the lifestyle and mental health of you and your loved ones, not to mention your guests.

Sensuous and Soulful

Spa therapies of various kinds have existed in the daily lives of people from all around the world for centuries. Traditionally, people have believed that bathing in certain springs, wells and rivers results in physical and spiritual purification, standing testament to the ancient belief in the healing properties of water. These practices date back centuries, so there is certainly something to be said about our relationship to water and its effect on our wellbeing. The HydraSpa team understands this connection and the important role that such a ritual plays in the lives of many, and is committed to helping clients improve their lives with home spas. Steam too is widely believed to benefit our bodies and souls. Saunas were invented in Finland more than 2,000 years ago; the word ‘sauna’ is Finnish for bath house, and it is the only Finnish word in the English language. Today, almost every house in Finland has a sauna, as the Finnish people believe unfalteringly in the therapeutic benefits of saunas in the home. Anna Millers, partner at Heavenly Saunas Australia affirms these benefits and tells us that Heavenly Saunas Australia makes saunas to the traditional Finnish standard. Millers explains that: “A true sauna experience involves a heater and stones. If the stones are dry, you have what’s called a dry sauna experience whereas, if you ladle a small amount of water onto the heated stones, it creates a burst of steam, adding humidity to the air, and you then have what’s called a wet sauna experience.” This is the experience that Heavenly Saunas Australia is dedicated to creating for its clients, in order to provide an experience that is rewarding both physically and mentally.


Stunningly State-of-the-Art

Spas and saunas may have existed for centuries, but their creators have not stopped innovating. HydraSpa has been continually committed to finding the best products and technology to make premium HydraSpa hot tubs the most energy efficient and easy to look after spas on the market. Burton explains that Hydraspa’s main objective is to “produce a hot tub that is unique for our industry [with a] superior heating system and water management system as standard rather than an add on”.


And HydraSpa’s products are indeed unique, he tells readers that the company’s spas have “75 percent less running cost and 80 percent less chemicals thanks to [HydraSpa’s] ozone and UV systems.”

Splendour in a Small Space

HydraSpa spas are made for contemporary users says Burton, who understands that “access for larger products has been a problem for inner city living”. The company’s designs “make it easy to own a spa, and [HydraSpa] even has a product that can fit through the front door of a town house by turning it on its side then it can go out the back door.” For this reason, “a spa is a great alternative to a pool as it requires far less space” and HydraSpa designs its products so that it is easier than ever to own a spa at home. He says that, “HydraSpas come in many different sizes to accommodate all. From a two-seater through to a swim spa.”

Heavenly Saunas Australia too knows that space is important to take into consideration in urban living and so its outdoor barrel saunas range from two-person saunas to eight-person saunas. “These versatile sauna sizes make them ideal for small backyard environments, larger areas of land by a pool or spa or even as one dedicated sauna lover wanted it put in his bedroom!” Millers says. She explains that, “barrel saunas are not only a beautiful way to enjoy a sauna due to the way the heat moves in a circular motion – they are ideal for inner city dwellings and can fit in a small nook and cranny or on a balcony.” “The saunas are very flexible in terms of being able to assemble them in hard to get to places as they come in very manageable sections and parts. The varying sizes can be selected to suit your area and location.” Among the favourites is the Pinnacle 4-Person sauna, which Millers explains “is ideally sized to enjoy a solo sauna or have family and friends with you. Most gardens have the space to easily accommodate this sixby-six footprint barrel sauna.” Alternatively, for clients who are space challenged, there is the Salem model sauna which can be put anywhere in the house. “We have had many clients assemble their barrel sauna in a spare room or bedroom – the area is only limited by where you wish to put it!” Millers says.


Stylish and Sensual

These saunas look great and will add charm to your home. “Barrel saunas blend into the outdoor landscape and look great with added fernery around them. We are always impressed with how our clients create a wonderful haven to enjoy their sauna in and around,” says Millers. “Some enjoy additional soft lighting at night, others like to assemble on a decking platform. Whilst some use it as a standalone feature as the barrel sauna is so beautifully designed it does not need anything to make it look great.

Smooth and Sustainable

Spas and saunas need not be difficult to maintain either because, although they are certainly luxurious items, they are not difficult to clean and care for. Burton says, “Spas and swim spas have evolved over 50 years and it has never been better or easier to own and look after a spa, with the new heat pump technology and with ozone and UV used as a combined booster for sanitisation,
this is the ultimate to ensure it will be cheap to run and super easy to look after”. Millers assures us that the materials used to make Heavenly Saunas Australia are of the very best quality and that each sauna is built to last; the only maintenance required is the application of a water-based stain. She says that the company’s saunas, “are made from high grade Western Red Cedar sourced sustainably from British Colombia. This is a remarkable, resilient timber but to help ensure its longevity we recommend the application of a water-based stain.” Both spas and saunas are incredibly worthwhile, long-term investments, which are sustainable and affordable. Their benefits are innumerable and there is almost nothing standing in the way of your incorporating them into your lifestyle and welcoming these time-honoured and ever popular products into your suburban home.

Images Courtesy of Heavenly Saunas Australia, Hydraspa and Pexels