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Daisy Pool Covers

Swimming Pool Of Fame – Daisy Pool Covers

Jan 25, 2022 | Industry News




Other accolades:
Bronze Winner of Marketing Campaign Award Western Australia, Highly Commended for Marketing Campaign Award in New South Wales, Queensland and National at the 2020 SPASA Australia Awards of Excellence


Daisy Pool Covers

After a successful launch of its ‘Hydro-Sapien’ marketing campaign, Daisy Pool Covers entered it into the 2020 SPASA Australia Awards of Excellence, with fantastic results. It was the Gold Winner of the Marketing Campaign Award in Victoria, Bronze in Western Australia, and it also received several high commendations. Derek Prince, managing director of Daisy Pool Covers, explains the thinking behind this clever campaign, revealing why it stood out at the awards.

To help promote the benefits of having a pool cover, and how it will benefit the quality of the water, the company invented the ‘Hydro-Sapien’, a friendly, water-loving creature who is passionate about educating pool owners. The campaign included a video, posters and website banners that are colourful and engaging, “talking directly to the consumer to make pool ownership fun”. Prince is “especially proud of the way

we could message the key benefits in an engaging way that resonated with the trade but more importantly the consumer… making it an easy transition from watching to understanding the relatable key benefit message”. Daisy Pool Covers found that the campaign had “great engagement and proved successful with the cut-through fun messaging”. Daisy Pool Covers has become one of the “largest suppliers of swimming pool cover and roller systems in Australia” since its establishment in 1983. The company’s quality covers are made for both domestic and commercial pools, supplying the industry with only the best.

Daisy Pool Covers
Daisy Pool Covers