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Swimmore Pools Square Pool bluestone paving
Swimmore Pools pool with paving, glass fence and lawn
Swimmore Pools pool below feature bay window

Swimmore Pools

Nearly a perfect square at 4m x 4.2m, this pool is deceptively simple in its design and flawless in its construction. Sharp, modern edges, vibrant mosaic tiles and classic bluestone paving combine to create a space with long-lasting visual appeal.

With only a small backyard to work with, the homeowners wanted their pool to complete the existing entertaining area and offer a pleasant spectacle from inside the dwelling. To achieve this, the home’s footings were engineered to maintain structural integrity while allowing Swimmore Pools to position the pool almost directly beneath the bay window, with the frameless glass fence seamlessly meeting the brickwork.

As requested by the homeowners, the pool now forms the fnal piece of a stylish and compact entertaining area. The mature, restrained colour palette sits in harmony with the home’s classic red brick exterior. The stylish bluestone paving continues through to the alfresco area, providing ample space for socialising with family and friends.

Included in the pool’s design is an ingenious L-shaped ledge equipped with four spa jets. Running along two sides, the ledge imparts the effect of a spa without taking up excessive room. Fitted with two LED niche lights from Spa Electrics to give the water a soft glow, the pool retains its allure after sunset.

This environmentally conscious design is fully heated by a rigid solar panel system from Sunlover Heating. To minimise water wastage and reduce amenity bills, a variable-speed pump from AstralPool and a Theralux mineral chlorinator were also installed. With an in-floor cleaning system from Paramount, the homeowners can spend more time enjoying the pool and less time maintaining it.

Founded by Adam Moore, Swimmore Pools specialises in the design and construction of custom concrete pools, as well as renovations. Completing around 20 projects throughout Victoria annually, the diligent team guides clients through all aspects of pool ownership, and also offers maintenance services to ensure their new pool will stand the test of time. With an emphasis on energy- and water-saving features, this forward-thinking company creates pools that are intelligent as well as beautiful.


Swimmore Pools

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