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Aug 14, 2019 | Industry News

Entering the market in 2019, AQUATILES is a range of pool and spa tiles distributed by Australian-owned company Reltech Australia. Supplying the pool and spa industry with high-quality equipment for more than 15 years, Reltech Australia is excited to expand this niche range of products in the future.

AQUATILES offers the Australian market access to the latest trends, colours and designs currently popular around the globe. “The colour selection [available within the range] was influenced by European countries including Spain and Italy,” states Reltech Australia’s CEO Patrick Ciavarella. By taking inspiration from design-forward countries such as these, Ciaverella believes the AQUATILES range will “give Australian pool and spa owners colour choices that are not only spectacular, but modern, current and relevant”. The range consists of ceramic tiles, as well as crystal and mosaic glass tiles, which are becoming increasingly popular. With a total of 30 colours within the range, Reltech Australia has pool and spa tiles to suit all requirements.

Sitting poolside in your own backyard is a dream most Australian families seek to realise. Those fortunate enough to make the dream a reality often question what type of surface finish to utilise for their concrete pool or spa. “Tiling a concrete pool or spa is a worthwhile investment,” Ciavarella says. “It showcases the pool or spa within the backyard’s surrounds, and not only gives the pool or spa a superior look and feel, but also creates an environment that makes it easier to maintain water chemistry compared to other surface finishes.”

It’s the vibrant colours and blends that really sets AQUATILES apart from its competitors in the marketplace. However, AQUATILES’ research and development team knows this is only part of what makes a quality tile. The team worked hard to ensure all tiles met Australian Standards immersion tests. In conjunction with global adhesive giants Mapei, the tiles were tested and exceeded the immersion adhesive test AS ISO 13007- 2:2013. This gives pool and spa owners the confidence that not only are they getting a modern and elegant pool and spa tile, but one that meets Australia’s stringent quality controls.