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PATH Design Studio

To Infinity And Beyond

When considering the ideal pool for your home, it’s important to look beyond the aesthetics. Swimming pools can offer a resort-like escape from the humdrum of daily life, but they can also provide practical perks too. Infinity edge pools are considered a luxury option for their beautiful design, but this trend has more to offer than simply catching the eye. Melbourne Pool + Outdoor Design’s Lucy Wadelton chatted with Dean Jones, residential manager of Neptune Pools, to explore the overflowing benefits of choosing the infinity pool.


An infinity edge pool is designed to allow the water to run over one or more edges of the pool into a balanced tank below. Logistically, an infinity pool serves as a waterfall with a single lower level that acts like a dam, where the water flows directly into a catch basin. The water is then pumped back into the upper pool, creating a continuous overflow. An infinity edge pool is “a luxury addition to any outdoor space”, and expert, Dean Jones, explains that this style of pool is traditionally seen in properties with a water view to “create an infinite effect” and to draw attention to the beautiful scenery.

Aesthetically speaking, infinity edge pools have infinite benefits. As Jones attests, “they can bring tranquility into the backyard space with the stillness of the water and the sound as it runs over the edge.” The mirror finish created by the edgeless pool can reflect the walls and the skyline to create a seamless, mirage-like effect.

PATH Design Studio

Not only can an infinity edge pool elevate the space with an eye-catching water feature, but it can also absolve the need for pool fencing, “giving the space an open and inviting look”. Without a fence, Jones explains that the pool can offer “an unimpeded view of the landscape and backyard”, which is ideal for homes with sprawling views or lush greenery. Ultimately, an infinity pool serves as its own stunning feature piece, adding intrigue to both indoor and outdoor entertaining areas.

Along with the visual benefits of an infinity edge pool, there are a plethora of practical bonuses. While a typical swimming pool can take up a large amount of space on your property, and often relies on level or flat land to build on, the infinity edge can be built into challenging terrain. If your garden is sloped, or has levels of dead space, an infinity pool can be a wonderful solution to turn unusable land into a destination spot for friends and family. Jones also points out that “the long edge [of the pool] acts as an extended skimmer box, reducing the amount of debris that gathers”, meaning it can require less maintenance that other kinds of pools.


Infinity edge pools are commonly associated with minimalism and contemporary homes, designed “to compliment the modern houses they are built beside,” Jones explains. This often means clean lines, hard edges, and glass – a combination that creates effortless modernity. Neptune Pools recently completed a project with Latitude 37 that fits this brief. The team designed the new house with large sliding doors that opened out onto the infinity pool. Because of the placement, and the continuation of the flooring from indoor to outdoor living, the design “feels as though the pool is inside the house”. Jones goes on to explain that because the pool wall doubled as a compliant pool barrier, “you can almost reach in and touch the water as it runs over the edge”.

PATH Design Studio

Although infinity edge pools lend themselves well to renovations and modern style builds, Jones attests that “the aesthetic of the pool is more to do with the materials being used”. Thus, an infinity edge pool can be designed with any theme in mind; “whether it be the addition of rock to create a more natural pool or changing the materials to reach the desired look”. An infinity pool can appear rustic or earthy or even spa-like. Consider blending your infinity pool into its natural surrounds – featuring rocks, greenery and even a sand-like walk in entrance to create a grotto-style resort oasis.

Infinity edge pools are an opportunity to create a water feature on the overflow edge, which can be incorporated into the garden landscape. “An infinity edge can be viewed as a natural water feature itself” Jones explains. You can allow the pool to shine on its own or add design aspects to enhance the effect. “Using a feature stone or eye-catching tile with contrasting textures can elevate the impact of the infinity edge,” Jones notes. A recent Neptune Pools project completed in collaboration with Latitude 37, featured an 11-metre curved infinity edge pool. Visible from nearly all rooms of the home, the infinity edge provides “an elegant water feature from the homes lower entertaining areas while creating a seamless transition to the upper level,” Jones says. By creating a statement waterfall out of your pool, “the serene sound from the infinity edge is the perfect finish to the calming space”.

PATH Design Studio


Popularised in America in the 1960s, the infinity edge pool has had many iterations over the decades, and in 2022, the design is shifting away from angular lines and toward more organic shapes. “We’re noticing an increase in the amount of curved infinity edge pool and spas,” Jones observes. The expert notes that “the inclusion of a curved edge can be a great way to soften the traditionally sharp appearance of the wall”, and with such unique architectural choices being made to infinity edge pools, they are more frequently being incorporated as a luxury statement piece in Australian homes.

Jones’ key advice to homeowners considering installing an infinity edge pool is to use a pool builder who is well experienced in the area, perhaps even someone who specialises in them. The reason for this, Jones explains, is because although infinity pools appear to be an effortlessly beautiful addition to an outdoor space, there are many complexities between the design and construction to ensure that the feature works properly. Because it’s time consuming and requires great skill to install, it can be costly. Jones recommends that if applicable with the design, shortening the length of the infinity edge can be a “cost-effective solution”.

Ultimately, an infinity edge pool is beautiful to look at, and a joy to swim and relax in. The right lighting coupled with a well-curated landscape can ensure that your pool truly shines as the focal point of your backyard, and incorporating an infinity edge allows you to seamlessly celebrate both your magnificent pool and the natural beauty of its surrounds. Whether you’re working with a complex block or land, or want to make the most of stunning vistas, the benefits of an infinity edge truly are infinite.

Images courtesy of Neptune Pools