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Image Credit: Revell Landscaping

Swimming laps, relaxing, playing games and splashing around the pool is a quintessential part of Australian life. Here, Annie Slevison speaks with Phil Jones, the co-founder and executive director of Enviroswim, about how the Enviroswim ES3 freshwater system is providing safer and purer pool water locally and around the world.

Firstly, can you tell us how the Enviroswim ES3 freshwater system works?
“The Enviroswim ES3 freshwater system [uses] unique patented technology that was designed with government support right here in Australia. It is the world’s first patented alternative freshwater sanitising system, which uses three processes simultaneously – electronic oxidising, ionisation, and ultrasonics – to annihilate bacteria, fungi and viruses from your pool.”

How was the system invented?
“In 2003, the founders of Enviroswim were contracted by Brisbane City Council to improve the water quality in some of their public pools…While the founders were attempting different methodologies to improve water quality, the Enviroswim system was born. Original testing was carried out in 2003 and 2004, with the first unit sold in 2004.”

How is Enviroswim environmentally friendly?
“The Enviroswim ES3 freshwater system takes energy demand off the grid by reducing pump run times by up to 50 per cent or greater in non-swimming periods, which reduces a pool’s carbon footprint. The system also removes the need to add pool stabiliser, which is banned in some parts of the world. Enviroswim also assists in reducing urban salinity. Pool and backwash water can be recycled without dilution for use in your garden, holding tank, and grey water system – just be sure to check your local council requirements.”

Is the Enviroswim system suitable for any style of pool?
“It sure is – the system can be fitted to any pool, new or old, and is easy to manage. It is compatible with all types of pumps, filters, and heating solutions.”

Can you tell us about how the system is making waves in the commercial market internationally?
“In November 2017, we installed the first four units at the award-winning Soneva Fushi resort in the Maldives. After six months of trials, Soneva was delighted with the results and invited us to install an additional 11 units at the Fushi resort and a further four at the brand’s newest luxury resort, Soneva Jani.

“Soneva has 200 pools in their resorts throughout the Maldives and Thailand, and the plan is to have them all converted to the Enviroswim system within five years. Other environmentally aware resorts in the Maldives are now specifying Enviroswim for all their new pools as well.

“The demand for healthier, less chemically dependent and eco-friendly water sanitising systems is rapidly growing in the hotel and
tourism industry. Resorts that use Enviroswim attract some of the most discerning travellers, who are both conscious of protecting the environment and minimising the use of toxic pool chemicals. We are proud to see our Australian-designed technology being adopted by some of the most prestigious and innovative resorts around the world.”

How was the system invented? What are the maintenance requirements of the Eviroswim system?
“All you need to do is check your copper levels and pH once every two weeks in the swimming season and once a month in the non-swimming season. The residual sanitiser and algaecide lasts for weeks, which ensures you will never come home to a green pool.”

Why are Australian homeowners choosing to install Enviroswim in their pool?
“Enviroswim is pool technology for the modern age; it makes it possible to swim every day in water that’s cleaner, fresher and purer than a mountain stream. By installing the Enviroswim ES3 freshwater system, pool owners will save money, protect the environment and safeguard their family’s health by minimising the use of toxic pool chemicals.”

How does Enviroswim compare to other sanitation systems?
“It is the only sanitiser system in Australia that has been tested by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) and proven to be more effective at keeping your family safe from nasties than chlorine.”


There are abundant health, environmental and operational benefits to converting your swimming pool to freshwater with the Enviroswim ES3 system.

Healthy Humans
• The system is non-irritating to the skin and eyes
• Suitable for asthmatics, and psoriasis and eczema sufferers
• Eliminates most chemicals that are known to cause health issues

Environmentally Friendly
• Reduces your pool’s carbon footprint and energy costs
• Removes the need for pool stabiliser, which is banned in some parts of the world
• Reduces urban salinity
• Recyclable pool and backwash water

Smooth Operator
• Prolongs the life of all pool equipment, as well as interior surfaces, and hard and
soft landscaping
• Reduces the need for high salt concentrations
• Removes the need to add chlorine
• Ensures good air quality for indoor pools
• Provides fresh and safe water for you and your family to swim in

With more than ten years of industry sales and more than 10,000 systems already installed, the Enviroswim ES3 freshwater system is extensively tried and tested. To learn more about how the Enviroswim system can provide you with safer, cleaner pool water, visit www.enviroswim.com.

Images courtesy of Enviroswim