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Acquavita Pools and Spas Pool Builder Outdoor Umbrella Landscape
Acquavita Pools and Spas Pool Builder Outdoor Umbrella Landscape
Acquavita Pools and Spas Pool Builder Outdoor Umbrella Landscape

Acquavita Pools & Spas

Briefed with creating an environment that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also provides a perfect space for outdoor living and entertaining, the team at Acquavita Pools created this freshwater pool with multifunctionality at its core.

The vibrant pool, tiled with Mediterranean blue mosaics, was built asymmetrically to include a large family end for relaxed swimming and playing, as well as a 15-metre-long lap lane. The natural stone paving blends seamlessly with the home’s design, allowing the pool to remain the standout feature of the outdoor area.

The residence’s beautiful landscaping is cleverly complemented by a combination of timber and glass fencing, which simultaneously form a barrier, creates a visual point of interest, and provide the outdoor area with a spacious feel.

Established in 2011, Acquavita Pools & Spas was founded on the philosophy of quality over quantity. The company completes around 12 pools annually in order to provide exceptional service to every client.

With extensive experience in building high-end, elaborate, and sometimes complicated pools, the team at Acquavita Pools & Spas works closely with its clients to create beautiful outdoor environments. The company offers all-inclusive outdoor services, and can accommodate any request no matter how big or small. With no limits to the type of pool that can be created, Acquavita Pools & Spas enjoys the challenge of intricate projects.

While based in Geelong, the company can accommodate projects across the whole of Victoria. Acquavita Pools & Spas won gold at the 2017 Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) of Victoria Awards of Excellence for Best Residential Concrete Lap Pool, as well as Best Residential Concrete Pool by a Country Member.


Acquavita Pools & Spas

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