Albatross Pools – SPASA Awards 2018

Albatross Pools

Best Residential Pre-Engineered, Vinyl-Lined In-Ground Pool

Albatross Pools was awarded Gold for the 2018 SPASA Best Residential Pre-Engineered, Vinyl-Lined In-Ground Pool.

Albatross Pools:

“On entering this family home in Balwyn, the ultimate outdoor space complete with a rectangular pool and spa can be admired down the hallway. Located at the rear of the property, the classically-designed swimming pool spans eight metres in length. Adjoining steps and benches span the length of the pool one either side, creating the perfect spot to sit and gaze back towards the entire outdoor space. Unlike many newly built homes in the area, a large proportion of the property is dedicated to the outdoors – two alfresco areas, an impressive Tuscan-themed vegetable and herb garden, a large sculptured pizza oven and a life-sized basketball court goal area… what more could a family with teenage children need?

“Even though the property is large, the client desired a classic pool design that would be proportionate to the size of the total outdoor space yet small enough to cost-effectively heat and maintain throughout the year. Collaboration with the landscaper regarding the pool’s location and chosen finishes within the pool zone and throughout the property was imperative to achieve the best result for the client.

“While the pool and outdoor space was actually created some three years after the family home was built, the clients wanted the look and feel of the space to complement their home as though the projects were designed and built simultaneously. The subtle blue tones created by the pool and spa interiors work well with the natural tone and texture of the travertine and slate pool surrounds. The oversized timber beams of the open pergola blend with the tones of the brickwork both of the family home and pool house, while the vine links the pool zone to the vegetable garden. Positioned as the centrepiece, the timeless and classic pool and spa design creates a sense of balance and harmony in the space.

“Like all family businesses, we truly love what we do. We are proud of what we do and are equally thankful to our generations of customers who have supported us for 50 years come 2019. It is always a great feeling to receive awards and we enjoy celebrating with our entire team and customers.”