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Heavenly Saunas
Heavenly Saunas
Heavenly Saunas

Heavenly Saunas

Heavenly Saunas

Melbourne Sauna Suppliers

Heavenly Saunas Australia is the Australian and New Zealand distributor of Almost Heaven Saunas (made in the USA), and has been handcrafting premium beautiful barrel sauna models in the Finnish tradition for over 40 years. Renowned and rated as one of the best in the world for their exceptional craftmanship, quality, durability and design.

Heavenly Saunas is the industry leader in manufacturing barrel saunas and saunas for all locations and occasions. Saunas are not only a great recreational addition to your outdoor activities, they also provide many wonderful health benefits. Whether you are a serious athlete or a weekend walker, the health benefits of using a sauna daily have been observed for centuries. Experience better health and wellbeing with a sauna as part of your daily activity and health regime.









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Factory 1/9, Roper Street,

Mobile: 0413 130 042
Email: info@heavenlysaunas.com.au
Website: www.heavenlysaunas.com.au