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Heavenly Saunas Project 1

Mark Millers entered the sauna industry more than seven years ago and when COVID-19 hit, Millers invited his sisters, Anna and Catherine to further build and grow the business, establishing Heavenly Saunas, a proudly family-owned and run operation. The Millers’ collaborative and tenacious attitude has allowed Heavenly Saunas to reach new heights as the business continues to grow and expand its offering in the market.

Heavenly Saunas is soon to expand its range to include a cabin-style and indoor sauna selection, and through consumer demand the company now provides high-quality Finnish style authentic cedar Kiarmi Hot Tubs. Heavenly Saunas is passionate about delivering new and exciting sauna accessories and associated products to its clients.

Heavenly Saunas is a strong advocate for awareness and education of health benefits that saunas can provide. Regular sauna therapy is increasingly being recognised as a fortifying method for the prevention of disease and healing of the body. Overall, saunas can help keep you happy and healthy for longer.


Heavenly Saunas

Factory 1/9, Roper Street,

Mobile: 0413 130 042
Email: info@heavenlysaunas.com.au
Website: www.heavenlysaunas.com.au