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This award-winning outdoor space was expertly designed by Nathan Burkett Design and features stunning materials by Anston Architectural. Featuring a harmonious combination of curves and straight lines, the courtyard flows seamlessly from the home.

With a fully-tiled pool, and separate dining and relaxation zones, the outdoor space is ideal for entertaining. Lush greenery is positioned along the boundary fence, which delivers a welcoming charm.

Pavers from Anston Architectural were laid in an ashlar-style pattern throughout the outdoor space, which encourages a contemporary aesthetic. Cohesive timber elements – including a roof over the alfresco dining area, and seating along the fence – introduce warmth to the subdued colour palette.

Anston Architectural is a boutique manufacturer of high-quality landscaping products, including hand-crafted pavers, planters, and outdoor furniture, as well as other architectural elements. The company offers a generous selection of colours, sizes and finishes to accommodate any residential and commercial project. The dedicated team possess decades of combined industry experience and can produce bespoke items on demand.

Showcasing varying compositions of some of the finest natural-stone materials and sands in Australia, all of Anston Architectural’s products are hand-crafted in Melbourne. The company’s two distinct ranges – Granite and Traditional – offer 15 remarkable colour options, which are available across its full suite of paving, furniture and bespoke products. The Granite colours add sparkle and intrigue, while the Traditional category displays an earthy, textured surface for timeless visual appeal.

Working in close collaboration with designers, engineers, contractors and homeowners, Anston Architectural ensures that each project meets its clients’ every expectation. The company’s consultants are trained to provide dedicated support for all your landscaping queries, including product specification, engineering, installation and maintenance. When working with Anston Architectural, you can rest assured that the best outcome for your outdoor project will be achieved.


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