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Award Pools and Spas
Award Pools and Spas
Award Pools and Spas

Award Pools and Spas Project 1

Blending harmoniously into its surrounds, the featured pool was constructed by Award Pools & spas and designed by the highly renowned Paul Bangay garden design team. To ensure the congruity of the pool and house, the two were designed as a package. As well as enlisting the talents of Paul Bangay for the landscape and pool design, the clients engaged Nicholas day Architects to design their home. Careful planning ensured the entire project was conceptualised long before building commenced.

It was important that the pool, like the house, be grand, but not glitzy. The owners sought understated elegance from the backyard, and that’s exactly what has been achieved. The landscape and pool design also ensured no space was wasted or unused.

The new pool had to be engineered to be suspended over an old pool to achieve the desired levels for the house. its inviting aesthetic has been created with sleek tiling and sawn bluestone coping that has also been used on the home.

The clients’ brief stipulated that minimal maintenance was essential. The owners and their children are ft and active, and frequently use the main pool for exercise and the spa for relaxing after tennis, but being busy with work and timepoor, it was essential that their pool would not require constant maintenance.

With this in mind, the pool has been fitted with an automated PCC 2000 cleaning and circulation system, Pentair in-house control management system, and Chemigem pool sanitation, plus it features automatic filling supplied by water tanks.

Specialising in concrete pools, Award Pools & spas has been in operation for more than 30 years. Working throughout Melbourne and bayside suburbs, Award Pools & spas is also able to design pools and landscapes. The recipient of numerous industry awards, including for best indoor pool, best pool renovation, best small pool and best spa, Award Pools & spas lives up to its name and can create an award-worthy pool, spa or landscape for any client.


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