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Lifestyle Pools & Spas Project 2

Partnering modern design with elite functionality and class, Lifestyle Pools & Spas (VIC) has exceeded their own high standards by creating this featured pool. The pool is situated in the back corner of the property and is accompanied by a neighbouring covered decking area, equipped with a conventional outdoor dining setting. For the owners, the pool completed their outdoor setting making it a space with everything they need.

Prior to construction, the owners told Lifestyle Pools & Spas (VIC) that they wanted a pool that would be suitable for the whole family, would accommodate entertaining and at the same time, exhibit strong aesthetic appeal. Working in conjunction with the landscaper, Simon Marks, the overall effect is one of seamless integration.

Lifestyle Pools & Spas (VIC) focused on employing materials that would blend in with the existing property and also enhance the outdoor space. The project exhibits sleek bluestone paving which neatly surrounds the rectangular, fully tiled outdoor pool. Surrounded by the very modern glass fencing, the in-pool and landscaping lights create a wonderful effect at night.

The 8m x 4m concrete pool is equipped with Austral Solar Heating for sustainability, an Astral Viron cartridge filter and pump, and a Remco Swimroll Pool Cover to further assist in water saving during these times of concern. So the owners can remain stress-free, Lifestyle Pools & Spas (VIC) also fitted the pool with an in-floor cleaning system.

Founder of Lifestyle Pools & Spas (VIC), Neville Imlach, has over 30 years’ experience in both designing and creating pools which enhance homes and change lifestyles. Neville works with both architects and landscape designers but is also happy to create an individual pool design for clients himself.

Lifestyle Pools & Spas (VIC) gain most of their work through referrals and pride themselves on a reputation for quality and a high level of customer satisfaction. Building from Melbourne metropolitan areas to the Mornington Peninsula, the company can create a lifestyle solution for any home.


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