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Sunbather Pty Ltd Project 1

Investing in a pool cover is a smart move – they’re stylish, practical and drastically reduce your maintenance and energy costs. Covers are also fast becoming a legal requirement if your pool is heated with gas or electricity. A thermal blanket is the ultimate choice for pool owners, as it will trap heat and slash the energy consumption of pools that are heated by gas or electricity.

A thermal blanket can even keep heat in the pool overnight, which is an added benefit if your pool is heated with solar technology or nothing at all. Perfect for extending the swim season, and a safe and affordable option for families, all of Sunbather Pty Ltd’s covers carry the Smart Approved WaterMark in recognition of their water-saving capabilities.

The main issue pool owners have when choosing a cover is finding one that is stylish and doesn’t get in the way. Thankfully, Sunbather Pty Ltd has developed a patented cover that addresses these issues and more. The Sunbather Pty Ltd Downunder’s roller and blanket can be encased in its own PVC housing that sits below the pool deck, completely out of sight. Alternatively, they can be installed in a cavity constructed from timber, concrete or any suitable building material that fits within your outdoor design aesthetic, and can be located in timber decks or paved areas.

This pool cover is popular with pool builders because of the ease and simplicity of the installation, and the fact it will not detract from the pool design. This system is very cost-effective and can be easily built into renovated or new pool deck areas. The Sunbather Pty Ltd Downunder requires almost no structural change to the existing pool and can accommodate most common shapes; it can even be used on many old freeform pools.

When the pool is open, the cover will sit below a stylish, flush-fitting lid that’s strong enough to walk on but light enough to lift. When the cover is on the pool, the lid closes again and only the straps connecting the roller and cover are visible, sitting neatly flat against the pool deck. Sunbather Pty Ltd can offer a range of coloured finishes for the lids.

The cover of choice for pool builders, the Downunder is a state-of-the-art cover system that is urprisingly affordable. Out of sight and out of the way, all of Sunbather Pty Ltd’s products are revolutionising the pool cover industry.


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