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Deciding on the best method of heating is one of the most important parts of becoming a pool owner. Fortunately, Sunbather offers an effective pool-heating combination in the Suntube-2 rigid solar panel system and the Downunder below-ground pool cover. Together, these products save time and money, and drastically reduce a pool’s impact on the environment.

Built to withstand Australia’s harsh conditions, the Suntube-2 is one of the toughest rigid solar panel systems available worldwide, with each of its components redesigned to eliminate any point of weakness. Each solar collector tube is connected to the reinforced header pipe with a moulded barb and an injection-moulded sheath to create a junction that is three times more secure than a typical joint. The tubes themselves are also thicker and stronger than those of a standard design, which makes them tough enough to handle falling branches, hail, and damage from birds and rodents. Each junction between them features three cam-locked, individual water seals.

It’s virtually impossible for the Suntube-2 to leak, and unlike many rigid panel systems, there is no need to drill into tiled rooves; the patented roof-clamp system ensures the panels stay securely in place without causing damage to the roof. Before delivery, each fully assembled Suntube-2 is pressure-tested to a level that would see standard panels fail, guaranteeing pool owners receive a tough, durable and reliable product.

A complementary companion to the Suntube-2 is the Downunder pool cover. A thermal blanket is the ultimate choice for pool owners, as it will trap heat, even overnight, and all Sunbather’s thermal covers are Climate Care Certified and carry the Smart Approved WaterMark in recognition of their water-saving capabilities.

It can be difficult to find a pool cover that won’t detract from the overall aesthetic of a particular space, so Sunbather has developed a patented design that addresses this issue. The Downunder’s roller and blanket can be encased in a PVC case that sits below the pool deck, completely out of sight. Alternatively, the cover can be easily and simply installed in a cavity constructed from timber, concrete or any suitable building material that fits within the overall design aesthetic.

When the pool is open, the cover will sit below a stylish, flush-fitting lid that’s strong enough to walk on but light enough to lift. When the cover is on the pool, the lid closes again and only the straps connecting the roller and cover are visible, sitting neatly flat against the pool deck.

Designed to save time, money and energy, Sunbather’s products are revolutionising the pool industry.


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