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Supreme Heating Project 1

Swimming pools and spas provide an excellent way to unwind, relax and have fun with family and friends in the privacy of your home or backyard. Supreme Heating designs innovative products that are constructed to enhance your lifestyle at home by ensuring that you enjoy your pool for longer. A gas heater can quickly and efficiently heat your swimming pool and spa to a comfortable temperature all year round, which means that you will enjoy perfect water temperature when you want it, regardless of the weather conditions.

Supreme Heating is proud to include the Heatseeker Genesis Gas Heater in its range, which is part of the U.S manufacturer’s Sta-Rite swimming pool equipment range. Sta-Rite is renowned for reliability, strength and long- term durability. The Heatseeker Genesis Gas Heater is a small, lightweight design that allows for reduced equipment pads. It features a completely pre-mixed system with an efficient air and gas mixture for a fast heat-up time. With a hot surface ignition (no pilot light), digital display, LED indicator lights and rotating, push-button controls, the heater is easy to operate and monitor. It is also certified as having low NOx emissions, which makes it an eco-friendly option. Unlike other heaters, the Heatseeker Genesis offers you the latest advances in pool equipment, including a rustproof exterior, smart electronics and increased efficiency.

Supreme Heating’s multiple award-winning Heatseeker Nova is an inverter heat pump that’s designed to efficiently and consistently heat your pool year-round, while using up to 30 per cent less electricity. Heatseeker Nova’s unique and innovative DC inverter technology allows you to vary or modulate the speed of the compressor – much like a variable-speed swimming pool pump. Outstanding electrical savings, super-quiet operation and soft-start technology enhance the lifespan of the product.

Heatseeker Nova also incorporates a spiral titanium heat exchanger to further enhance its efficiency. Heatseeker Nova can utilise the surplus electricity that’s produced by the solar photovoltaic panels to reduce your running costs to zero, while maintaining your pool’s temperature during the warmer months. For your convenience, the pretested systems are easy to install and operate.

With outstanding performance, a proven track record and the latest cutting-edge, sustainable and environmentally friendly products available, Supreme Heating is Australia’s specialist in complete pool heating solutions.


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