Seaspray Pools Project 6

This project was designed and constructed to meet the client’s very specific brief. To fulfil the needs of the homeowner, the pool needed to be easy to use and to maintain, be usable with a growing family and of course look amazing.

Seaspray Pools Project 5

Drawing inspiration from the nearby McCrae beach, the half-moon spa is fully tiled with a bright and radiant Bermuda Blue ceramic tile, also used to perk up the waterline throughout the rest of the pool.

Seaspray Pools Project 4

This swimming pool features a six-metre-long internal swimout ledge incorporating internal steps, a 2.7m x 1.6 metre raised spa with internal floor grid and independent jet system, multicolour LED niche lighting, gas and solar heating, a fully automated water chemical management system and a Cooke in-floor cleaning system.

Seaspray Pools Project 3

Designed to be a feature from the kitchen and living areas of the home, this pool and spa combination has multiple unique features. Elevated to the higher level of the backyard, this project took place on the old retaining wall, which was used to separate the split levels at the property.

Seaspray Pools Project 2

Home | ProjectPage 23 Seaspray Pools Project 2 Designed on a blank canvas, Seaspray Pools had the freedom to create to the best of their ability and the result is amazing. Construction relied heavily on the home and landscape builders, as both areas are...