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In 2012, following years of prototypes and research, Robo-Tek launched a robotic pool cleaner designed in Australia, to meet Australian conditions. The power, performance, and durability of the products were a resounding success with customers. On the back of this success, the Robo-Tek range grew to include solutions for not only residential customers, but commercial as well. Today, some of the largest commercial pools in the southern hemisphere rely on Robo-Tek to keep them sparkling clean. Robo-Tek is still a family-owned business with integrity and strong values and peace of mind is of the utmost importance for customers, so Robo-Tek provides an industry-leading, incredible three year “unlimited hour” warranty on the motor box. 



6 Lever Street, Campbellfield

Tel: 03 9357 5662  
Email: sales@robo-tek.com.au