Salt Pools Project 9

The expert team at Salt Pools designed the featured pool for the homeowners who wanted a pool that was practical and functional and would tie into the limited outdoor space. The end result is a well-integrated pool that adds value to the home.

At 10.58 metres long, the pool is generous in size and the slim shape ensures there is still ample space for entertaining, allowing the outdoor area to accommodates all the homeowners’ family and friends. With its clever use of space, this pool is a perfect example of how clever use of space can make an area feel larger.

The family room boasts large glass windows that look out directly into the pool, creating a flow-through effect from inside the home to the backyard and providing a perfect view of the beautiful sheer decent waterfall pool feature.

The installation of a 7.5m x 9m concrete underground water tank in the paving beside the pool, in addition to a solar heating system, makes this swimming pool as functional as it is visually appealing.

Backed by more than 20 years of experience in the industry, the team at Salt Pools is committed to working with homeowners to create an outdoor area that embraces their vision. The company takes great pride in delivering a personalised service.

With an experienced team of landscape design experts, Salt Pools can work through the entire construction process. As well as pool construction, the team also offers landscaping solutions to complement any pool, including planting and the installation of water features, decking, paving, glass fencing and underground water tanks.

Specialising in all styles of concrete in-ground swimming pools, Salt Pools can help create a design that suits all tastes and budgets.


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