Albatross Pools Project 8

Specialising in pre-engineered stainless steel swimming pools, Albatross Pools has been in operation for almost 50 years. The featured pool was built by Albatross Pools in the mid-1970s. The new homeowners approached the company to give the pool its first ever renovation, restoring the pool to its former glory with a new interior and an equipment upgrade. Testament to the quality of Albatross Pools’ work, the 11m x 5.5m pool remained structurally sound almost 40 years after it was first installed.

This, paired with its timeless shape, meant that the pool did not require any structural changes, apart from the installation of a comfort seat in the shallows, which spans the width of the pool. Albatross Pools revived the interior by installing a new Aqualux ‘Mosaic Tile’ pool interior. The tile-look interior is non-slip and – to the delight of the new homeowners – requires little to no maintenance, unlike a standard tile finish. Further equipment upgrades include a sand filter, energy-efficient pool pump, fresh water ionic purification system, LED pool lights and a heat pump. When not in use, a pool blanket is discreetly hidden underground within a stainless steel pit and concealed by a stainless steel lid.

The renovated pool is complemented by the imported European tiles that surround the pool, providing a timeless look. Albatross Pools’ renovation has cemented the pool as the centrepiece of this inviting outdoor space, which includes a sauna, outdoor kitchen and alfresco entertaining area. Boasting a roll call of more than 15,000 happy clients, Albatross Pools to this day remains owned and operated by the Van Der Haar family, who continue to abide by the cornerstone principles developed at the company’s inception.

Since its humble beginnings with a display pool in the backyard of the Van Der Haar family home in Melbourne, the company has evolved into one of Australia’s leading innovators and builders of pre-engineered award-winning in-ground pools. Albatross Pools builds state-wide and its fully-landscaped display centres at Warrandyte and Dandenong are open seven days a week.


Albatross Pools

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