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Neptune Swimming Pools Project 2

This striking pool was constructed by Neptune Swimming Pools as close to the boundary line as possible to maximise the use of the outdoor space. The pool and landscaping were designed by Nathan Burkett Design and feature cohesive details throughout.

The clients wanted a visually appealing pool that was large enough to accommodate their children without taking up the entire outdoor space. Neptune Swimming Pools met these requirements by building the pool above ground and incorporating striking infinity edges. The water flows over the pool’s stunning tiled exterior and into a balance tank, which is concealed with beautiful bluestone pebbles. Built with limited space, the 6m x 3.3m pool provides a great place for family fun and relaxation.

Positioned high enough to forgo fencing, the pool meets Australian pool-barrier regulations. Its height also allows it to be admired from within the home. A concealed stairway at the rear of the outdoor space provides access to the pool and its small deck. Fitted with a Gemini 20g/hr salt sanitiser, Sunlover Heating solar strip, and two submerged LED lights from Spa Electrics, the pool can be enjoyed at any time.

The pool features a combination of natural stone and mosaic tiles that are visually cohesive with the landscaping. A blend of charcoal and green Bisazza Australia tiles were selected for the interior of the pool and extend across the infinity edges for a striking effect. Before construction began, Neptune Swimming Pools acquired permits to access the property through the neighbouring public playground. Large trees behind the property were carefully avoided by the company to ensure no roots were harmed.

Established in 1959 by John Van der Haar, Neptune Swimming Pools has since been successfully managed by the Van der Haar family. Specialising in concrete pools, the company has a long and illustrious history in the industry.

The company builds approximately 50 pools in the Greater Melbourne region each year and strives for perfection for every client. Neptune Swimming Pools also provides landscaping services from trusted contractors to ensure it can complete any outdoor space to its high expectations. The company also offers design-concept development services that include attaining site information, as well as making preliminary enquiries with local councils for town-planning requirements.

Winning more than 20 awards in the last eight years, Neptune Swimming Pools continues to achieve excellence in the pool construction industry. Most recently, The Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) of Australia awarded Neptune Swimming Pools three awards for Best Courtyard Pool, Best Water Feature and Best Indoor Pool.


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