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Whyte Gardens Project 2

Outdoor design is at its best when all elements combine to create a striking and functional space that can be used all year-round, such as the featured project. The modern pool area and surrounding landscape design is the perfect accompaniment to this modern family home. Like the home itself, the space is generous, inviting and comfortable for the whole family to use.

With plenty of space to run and the play, the outdoor area is the ideal combination of style and space; it accommodates the kids, without compromising entertaining areas or the overall elegance of the design.

Featuring a play area at the rear and an alfresco, each section of the backyard’s outdoor area design flows seamlessly into the next. This was achieved through the material selection and the clever positioning of the various design elements. The pool and alfresco were placed adjacent to each other, while the children’s play area is located away where there’s plenty of room to run.

As entertainers, it was important to the homeowners that there was a space for them to host guests. The alfresco provides the perfect outdoor area for casual dinners, barbecues or lavish affairs!

The neutral colours of the materials ensure the space possesses timeless style, while the plantings make sure the place is inviting at all times. Working with the subdued palette informed the material selection, and with sandy cladding, concrete paving and timber features, the overall appearance is simple and warm.

As a design and construction company, Andrew Whyte Landscape Design aims to produce the best results it can. The friendly and able team achieves this goal by ensuring the available space is maximised.

Andrew Whyte has been working in the landscaping industry since 1992 and has long confirmed his reputation as one of Melbourne’s leading landscape designers. With the ability to create projects of any size, the team is eager and experienced. From concept to completion, there’s little the Andrew Whyte Landscape Design team can’t do.

Andrew Whyte Landscape Design specialises in the design and construction of contemporary outdoor spaces. Servicing Melbourne’s east and south-eastern suburbs, homeowners can ensure their outdoor areas are striking and stylish, while also being functional.


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